Monday, January 16, 2017

My failed UFO is finally completed!

I finally finished my failed UFO from 2016. I added a Bemberg lining, black grosgrain ribbons to the cuffs, the pockets and the front opening. Then I added thick black satin straps for the closure. All these came from my existing notion stash. I didn't want to spend extra money decorating this jacket.

I think I had improved it a little. I had to grit my teeth the whole time to get this finished because I still don't like the colour on me. It's too close to my skin tone. It was quite a challenge to finish this jacket. I'm planning to donate it.

From this:

To this:

I still have some of that beige wool blend fabric. Perhaps this is a good opportunity for me to try to dye the beige fabric into another colour. What do you think?

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  1. Wow - you have transformed that UFO! I understand the colour problem (I am the same with this colour) but someone will be able to pull off this shade and you've made it worth their while with your details. I especially like the satin ribbon closure - what a nice finishing touch. I think you get high marks for this. I like it very much.

    Just a thought: would the addition of a bright scarf (maybe red?) make this a jacket you would wear? Sometimes putting a colour next to your face makes the garment itself recede into the background.

    But if you already have well-loved jackets and would need to force yourself to wear it, it's not worth the mental anguish. Somebody will love it without reservations!

    1. Thanks Jenny! I do like this style of jacket and the bow closure. It's just the fabric colour I have problem with. I think I will just recreate this jacket with these details on another fabric. It maygive me more joy to wear this same jacket in another colour!

  2. So much work! I would keep it; wear a chunky necklace to frame your face & detract from the color. It is a versatile piece & turned out great. If you must, at least pass it on to a friend or relative.

    1. Thanks Maria! You are right that it would be great to pass this to a friend or relative. Unfortunately, none of my good friends/family has the odd body shape that I have. :-(