Friday, April 1, 2016

Self-Made Dresses Outfit Challenge - Day 4-7

I hadn't post for a while because was an ice storm last week and I got really  busy with things. Regardless, here are the outfits for day 4-7 of the Self-Made Dresses Outfit challenge:

Day 4 - I wore a refashioned Black Cotton knit dress with my self-made and refashioned blue boucle cardigan jacket. The belt was thrifted. It was still raining so I wore my thrifted rainboots. It was actually a bit warm with that cardi-jacket.

Day 5 - I wore my self-made copycat wool blend New Look 6779 dress. I don't wear this dress enough because it's a bit dressy for day-to-day. But I really should try to find occasions to wear it. It wasn't raining so I could wear my thrifted red leather boots with the outfit.

Day 6 - It was a bit colder on this day. I wore my dress that was refashioned from a wool sweater dress. I wore a thrifted long sleeves t-shirt, thrifted suede winter boots and an alpaca scarf that was gifted to me for x'mas.

Day 7 - It was rainy again. I was in a rush in the morning so I just grabbed my cold weather uniform - a navy wool sweater dress. I altered the thrifted dress by shrinking it and adding silver buttons on the pockets. I wore my thrifted rainboots again.

It was a fun challenge. The main goal was to force me to wear things that I usually don't remember to wear. I will definitely be doing more of these challenges to force me to wear the other items in my closet.

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