Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Clear bin Fabric Destash Challenge - 1st garment

The first garment is done from this Clear bin fabric destash challenge! The medium weight charcoal denim material is perfect for a pair of pants for my son. He has had growth spurt so it's time to make some new pants for him. I used the the tried and true McCall's 5222 that I thrifted a while back. The pattern has 2 pieces for the pants but I combined them together into 1 pattern piece with no side seams (only inseams). It came together quickly after about an hour. My son is wearing this already today. I love these quick and easy sewing projects for kids!


  1. Great use of the fabric - small bits are much better for children's clothes. Quick and simple is the way to go as they grow so quickly.

    1. I would be very happy if my son doesn't outgrow it within 1 season!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! Sometimes so sewing projects are just practical and not fancy looking!