Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Clear bin Fabric Destash Challenge - 2nd garment

I thought I would make something for myself with the 2nd garment of this challenge. I have had this red silk noil remnant in my stash for a very long time. I got it in the cheapy bin of my local fabric store, together with a pink silk noil which I made a dress with (see here). It's a lovely fabric to sew but it's rough to the touch and doesn't drape well enough for my liking. There isn't much yardage to do anything with it. I do like the vibrant red so I thought I would make a simple top with it.

I drafted a simple top pattern with a shirt tail hem, which used up almost all of the remnant. It came together pretty quickly. The top is very unshapely so I will need to wear it with a belt. Unfortunately today is somehow very static-y, so the top just seemed to cling to every part of my body and the thrifted leather skirt I was wearing in these photos:

I think it probably looks a bit better layered with a jacket on top:

Okay! 2 down! More to go! I'm getting warmed up for this challenge now!


  1. It's beautiful - I love simple, clean lines and this is a great colour.

    1. Thanks! I really like the vibrant red and that's why I bought it. Otherwise it's not such a good fashion fabric without a lining.

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    1. Thanks Lisa! I hope it will be worn a great deal!

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    1. Thanks Maria! It's a good colour and goes with lots of things in my wardrobe too!