Thursday, March 10, 2016

Spring Travel - 1 week packing

It's that time of the year again - March Break. We always travel out of town to visit family and friend this time of the year. Packing for March in this part of the world is always a headache - it can be warm and rainy one day, and snow and blizzard the next! So layering is definitely key. Also, a warm, 100% wool sweater/cardigan is a must.

Since having children, I have been pretty diligent in using a minimalist packing list for the maximum number of outfits. For this 7 day trip, I will be packing the following for myself. These items are all very travel friendly (no ironing!). The outfits will enable me to do outdoor activities with the kids, dinner with friends and even a funeral. Moreover, I will be wearing almost half of it on my body on the way there and back!

The list consists of:
- Red 100% merino wool cardigan (thrifted)
- Refashioned denim jacket (see this post)
- Refashioned black cotton knit dress (see this post)
- jeans
- blue plaid shirt (thrifted)
- black long sleeves t-shirt (thrifted)
- brown fleece lined tights (thrifted)
- silver knit scarf from remnant fabric in my stash (see this post)
- blue silk scarf (x'mas gift some years ago)
- brown skinny belt (thrifted)
- green suede loafers (thrifted)
- black knee high boots

Note: I always pack a somber outfit now since there are a few infirmed and elderly family members. I was caught out one time without a funeral outfit and had to hastily buy some ill-fitting and expensive clothes.

From this list I am able to create the following 7 outfits (or more):

Hopefully these outfits will work for whatever occasion or weather I will be encountering during this trip!


  1. What a well thought out wardrobe - must have taken you some time to put this together and do the photographs as well. Enjoy your trip...

  2. Thanks Sarah Liz! Actually it didn't take long for me to put this packing list together. After my wardrobe cleanse earlier this year, I was able to clearly see what items I have in my wardrobe. Also, denim and black are neutrals that go with anything!

  3. Fantastic outfits - amazing how many you have made from just those few garments. I used to suffer from over-packing; now I pack less but look boring. I need to pay attention to your ideas here!

    1. Thanks Jenny! Denim is great as it's really a neutral. And I like a bit of colour and texture with my outfits so the simple red cardigan and some colourful scarves will probably do the trick.

  4. I like your choices too and it's interesting to see how many different 'looks' you get out of a few things. Shows you are successful in having in your closet things that truly interconnect with the other. Have a good trip! :)

    1. Thanks Lisa! I have been trying to clean out my closet of things that do not fit, or just plain wrong for my body type and colouring. I am trying to stick to some basic colour themes so that they will work with each other easily.