Monday, March 21, 2016

Self-Made dresses outfit challenge - Day 1

Well, it's time for another 7 day challenge. I like doing these 7 day challenges so that I'll remember to wear all my clothes in my closet - not just the clean ones on top of the folded laundry pile!

And it's not really a challenge because I have more than 7 self-made or self-refashioned dresses. The real challenge is how to wear them in this unpredictable spring weather: 10 Celsius one day and then -5 Celsius with snow the next day!

It was -5 C this morning but sunny. So I decided to wear this short sleeves refashioned sweater dress today (see post here). Although it has short sleeves, the whole dress from the collar to the hem is made with 100% wool so it's super warm (or hot). I wore the dress with thrifted leggings and thrifted suede winter boots. As the dress is already colour-blocked, there was no need to accessorize it.

Looking forward to the next 6 days of self-made dresses!

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