Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Hand made Christmas Presents challenge - Keepsake boxes for Kids

My kids have these little treasures that they like keeping which puzzles me as an adult. My daughter kept a bunch of party decorations from a friend's Frozen theme party that she refused to part with. My son has a bunch of little Lego figures, mini flashlights and Pokemon cards that he treasures from birthday loot bags.

Last week my son was talking about wanting a treasure box big enough for all these little treasures. That gave me an idea to create some keepsake boxes for my kids. That way, when their boxes are full, they will have to learn to edit things out in order to put new stuff in. I am hoping that it will help them to learn not to hoard, but to keep things that have real significance to them. (Note to self: I need to learn not to hoard fabric and notions too! LOL!)

I thrifted these 2 wooden boxes from my local thrift stores last week for $2.99 each. The decorations are not my cup of tea but the boxes are solid. I plan to use my kids' colouring book covers to decorate them.  These are my kids' favourite characters. After all, they have already coloured all the pages so the colouring books are about to go to the recycling bin. Nothing is wasted!

I already have ModPodge and acrylic paints in my craft stash. So let the upcycling begin!

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