Friday, November 20, 2015

Fall/Autumn Winter Packing list - Minimalist Style

We have dear family and friends who live far away. I have become more efficient in packing when we go to visit them a few times a year. The kids obviously need more changes of clothes than adults (e.g. getting car sick or spilling spaghetti on their clothes). Recently we just came back from a 4 day visit with friends/family and this is what I packed:
Plus socks, underwear, a pair of boots and coat.
I packed:
  • A recently refashioned grey sweater dress and a wool jersey dress (both thrifted and refashioned)
  • 1 flannel shirt (thrifted)
  • 2 scarfs to change the looks of the dresses - the red one was a handmade gift and the infinity scarf was made from thrifted fabric
  • 2 pairs of fleece lined leggings in different colours (both thrifted)
  • A belt (thrifted)
  • Plus socks, underwear, a coat and a pair of boots (I don't bother with packing more than 1 pair of shoes/boots if I don't absolutely have to)
The whole lot took up very little space in our family luggage.

These are the outfits from the 4 day trip (the first and last day were driving days):

This is very typical of what I would pack for a 4 or 5 day trip. If it's a 6 or 7 day trip, I would add another sweater dress, probably a comfortable and more roomy one like this one that I layer (refashioned from 3 men's sweaters):

My girlfriends are always curious as to why I wear dresses so much in the winter since I'm usually a tomboy. For me, it's the perfect garment for cold weather: it's warm and cozy from my neck to my knee, it's stretchy and comfy to wear (no woven waistbands to dig into my waist), it's easy to wear as you just throw it on and you're dressed (yes I'm lazy). What's not to like?


  1. I am so impressed by your light packing! I always pack too much "just in case".

    And I'm really liking your sweater dresses. I think I need to try one. First, though, I will need boots ... my usual winter boots are for wearing with trousers ... not too good-looking with a dress :)

    1. Thanks Jenny! I'm getting better at packing now that I have traveled quite a bit. I did make a mistake once on a trip when I didn't pack any black clothing (it was late winter). A family member died suddenly and I had nothing somber and formal to wear! I ended up having to buy something ill-fitting from the shopping centre in a rush. I was so annoyed with myself as I had tonnes of well-fitted me-made formal black/grey clothes back home in my closet!