Monday, October 19, 2015

Day 7 - Self-challenge: Daytime glitter and glam

This is the last day of this self-challenge. It was really cold this morning with frost on the ground. I chose this self-stitched antique gold brocade gored skirt for today. It's a skirt that I wore quite frequently a few years ago but has since been much neglected:

I wore this with a teal wool blend cardigan, denim shirt, black tights and brown tall boots:

So that's it for my 7 day self-challenge. Here is a summary of the outfits:

I am quite happy to have gone through this challenge. Some of my never-worn or rarely worn clothes have finally seen daylight! The outfits in general were a bit more dressy than I usually would have worn but not overtly so. I'm going to have to remember to wear these slightly 'glam' pieces out once in a while.

Okay! What other self-challenge should I try next? Do you set yourself some outfit challenges as well?

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