Thursday, October 15, 2015

Day 4 - Self-challenge: Daytime glitter and glam

I made this Chainmail-like knit dress with buckle detail last year and I had only worn it once! Sacrilege! :-) It needed to see some daylight!

 I decided to wear it today with a thrifted long black cardigan, thrifted belt, black tights and thrifted ankle boots:

I like how the buckle and the glittery knit fabric was peeking out from the otherwise all black ensemble. Fun! It's a very comfy dress. I really should wear it more often.

Looking forward to tomorrow's outfit!


  1. Love the dress! And it looks great with the buckles

    1. Thanks Renata Laura! I actually like that it looks like chainmail with the buckle detail. It's not something that I have seen in the stores.