Saturday, August 23, 2014

MAGAM August Project Completed! Back to School Boys' trousers

I finished my MAGAM Back to School Boys' trousers! I actually made 2 pairs, one in a khaki green polyester cotton blend twill and the other in beige polyester cotton blend twill as well.

The stash pattern McCall's 5222 was bought for $0.99 in a local thrift store. The pants were meant as pajama pants so they were super wide in the leg. I had to trim the leg width a bit but they are still a bit wide. Otherwise, I made no other pattern changes. It was simple and straight forward to sew. I didn't even look at the instructions. The pattern pieces spoke for themselves.

The fabrics were remnants in my stash from the shorts I made my husband a couple of years ago.  I didn't have enough fabric for the whole length of the pant legs so I improvised and made the pant legs in 2 sections and top stitched the joining seam - I call that a design feature! ;-)

Yes my son wore the pants already and got grass stains on the knee....
I'm happy that my boy has 2 pairs of proper length trousers for the new school year. And I busted some of my fabric stash - YES!


  1. That's a really good way of adding length when the fabric runs out. Great and economical use of stash. And a well dressed boy to boot :)

    1. Thanks! I am just happy that my boy is not fussy about the clothes I made for him. He will wear anything I put in his room. My daughter however is a different story.....

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    1. Thanks Mrs. Smith! Let's hope they will get a lot of use for this new school year!