Tuesday, June 10, 2014

June MAGAM Plan - The Wedding Dress!

Okay! I finally found some reasonable bridal fabrics! I drove about 30 km to the next town and found lots more choices for bridal fabrics. The chain fabric store there is a lot bigger and has 10 times the selection of any apparel fabrics than my local store. The prices were better too! And there were lots of older ladies shopping there. The salesperson told me that the store was always busy with lots of shoppers at all hours, and even the local schools have reintroduced sewing in their basic curriculum. Well, I guess I'll have to find time to drive to that store more often from now on (if I can only find a couple of hours of free time for myself.....).

So what did I buy? A heavy polyester white dull satin (it actually says 'Heavy Dull Satin' on the tag). I think foroutdoor photography this might be better than a shiny satin. Also I'm hoping that this will be easier to sew than a very slippery satin. For the lining, the pattern calls for a China Silk. But since I'm using a much heavy fabric as the fashion fabric, I thought I should use something with more body for the lining to match the dull satin. The salesperson recommended this 100% cotton fine broadcloth. I thought it would be easier to sew and cut the broadcloth too.

So this is my June entry for the Make A Garment A Month post - my DIY wedding dress using the Vogue 2237 pattern and this 'Heavy Dull Polyester Satin'. Wish me luck!


  1. The dull satin (by which I guess is meant what we call delustred satin) won't show the lumps and bumps so much either, so a very good choice. It's a very pretty colour. Are you going to bone the dress?

    1. I think you are right about the not showing the lumps and bumps as much. I have tried to scrunch the fabric with my hand and it seems to resist wrinkling too! I bought the colour white because that's all they have in this material. Good thing white looks fine on me.The pattern calls for the foundation of the dress to be boned - so yes it will be boned.