Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Denim Jeans Refashioning Blitz - Part 2

Now that the wedding dress is one, I can continue to do my Denim Jeans Refashioning Blitz! In Part 1, I made 5 cute cross-body bags for my friends' daughters for their school field trip. This time, I'm making some tote bags for my son's teachers. I often see teachers lugging different bags to and from the school so I thought perhaps a large tote bag would be useful for them. I used up more of my mountain of to-be-refashioned denim/jeans that were given to me, as well as stuff from my fabric scrap boxes. The lining was the left over material from my bedsheet muslins for my wedding dresses.  Here are the final products:

I hope the teachers can get lots of use from them!

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