Friday, June 6, 2014

Denim Jeans Refashioning Blitz!

I have been accumulating a big bag of jeans/denim that others have given me. Lately some elderly relatives moved from a big house to a small condo and I got a big pile of old jeans from them. What to do with a mountain of old, ribbed jeans? Make bags of course. I used scraps from my fabric scraps stash (I did buy the black shoulder straps from my local fabric store) and created these 5 cute cross-body purses for my friends' daughters - just in time for their school trip next week. The zippers were all thrifted - I bought a big bag of zippers at my local thrift store for $2.99.

I just cut all the jeans at the side seams and then cut standard sized stripes from them all and then sewed them together to create these little bags. I tried to make them look as unique as possible using my fabric/ribbon scraps. 

I hope the girls will get plenty of use from these bags! What a satisfying thing to see the 'To-be-refashioned stash' and the 'scraps stash' being used finally!


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    1. Thanks Sarah Liz! It's wonderful to be able to use my scraps and upcycle/refashion a bunch of jeans and bring joy to others!