Monday, May 26, 2014

Me Made may 2014 - May 18-26

I forgot to post about my Me made May outfits this past week. The weather was hot and cold - each day was drastically different from the last. Here are the pictures:

May 18
Dress - Me Refashioned thrifted  merino wool sweater dress
Necklace - Me Made glass and metal and painted wood necklace

May 19:
Top - Me Refashioned tshirt
Pants - Me Made cotton knit checker slim pants
Necklace - Me Made glass, semi-precious stone and metal necklace

May 20:
Pants - Me Made red skinny jeans

May 21:
Scarf - Me Made fabric remnant scarf
Pnats - Me Refashioned jeans

May 22:
Top - Me Refashioned skirt to top
Pants - Me Made slim black cotton pants (McCall  5273)
Bracelet - Me Made glass, metal and pearl braclet

May 23:
Top - Me Made cotton tunic

May 24:
Top - Me Made poly knit faux wrap top (New Look 6729)

May 25:
Top - Me Refashioned Men's XL sweater mini dress

May 26:
Dress - Me Made red floral poly knit dress

The weather is getting hotter so I should be able to wear all my summer dresses and shorts from now on. Yay!

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