Monday, May 19, 2014

I have to Make a Wedding Dress! Help please?

No I'm not actually getting married again. Last week, hubby just casually mentioned that since he had lost a lot of weight, we should get dressed in our wedding clothes again and get some pictures taken in a historical part of town. I thought he was joking but then he reiterated it this week. It's good that he can now fit into his wedding suit again but after 2 kids I just can't fit into my old wedding dress anymore! I was able to get my body in except for the bust area. I didn't think I gained that much on top but apparently I did. Oh well! Too bad! I guess I'll have to make another one - YES! What an opportunity to make a wedding dress for myself!

I've been looking through my stash of sewing patterns and looking online for pictures of wedding dresses that appealed to me. Since I'm top heavy with a thick and undefined waist, many classic styles do not work for me. Anything that is a bit fitted on top down to the hip and then flares out  below the thighs are more suitable for me. I am narrowing the general styles down to the following:

Vogue 2237

 Vogue 8115 

Vogue 8285

Simplicity 2639

These are just the general styles I'm thinking of. If I actually make one of them I'll be adding my own design elements to them somehow. I have about 1.5 months to get in shape, make the muslin(s) to tweak the fit and to make the actual dress (shopping for trims/lace included). So I need to decided which pattern(s) to do the muslin(s). What do you think? Any ideas or suggestions?


  1. I've just read this post, sorry to have taken so long, especially after you asked a question.

    1.5 months is not long, so I would go for the simplest style to make and alter. also, if your weight is going to change, the strapless dresses need to be very fitted - it might be safer to go for the on the shoulder gown. And it is also very figure flattering with the princess seams, and can tolerate some fluctuations in weight - and if you don't shape up as you would like, would still look great.

    1. Thanks Sarah Liz for your comment! You are right that the princess seam dress would offer more opportunities for fitting. Since I only have 1.5 months to do everything, I doubt my weight would change much even if I go on a moderate diet and exercise routine. I think I'll take your advice and do the next muslin with 1 of the 2 the princess seam gowns.