Friday, March 7, 2014

Refashion: Travel Friendly Silver Sweatshirt

I used to travel by air for work frequently. There was a particular year when I would be traveling by plane to clients' sites every 3-4 weeks for a 3-4 day stay. I know some business people would travel on the plane with their suit jackets on but that's not for me. I had experienced too many airplane delays, sitting at the boarding zone for hours, sitting inside a stationary boiling hot plane for hours, cancelled flights, etc. So I always made sure that I was wearing something comfortable for the travels. In the colder months, I would just wear a big comfy sweater or sweatshirt, which felt like having nice blanket on me and helped me to nap on the plane.

This XXL sweatshirt was part of the RTW purchase with the gift card I received for X'mas. It's big, soft, comfy and it has silver threads in it for a bit of glamour! And it only cost $3.97 so I bought 2 of them.

I decided to do a simple refashion to make it less overwhelming on me. I used the usual 'pinch-pin-cut-sew' (PPCS - LOL!) method. I removed the excess fabric from the sleeves and the body. It's still roomy for me but more wearable now.

And since JCrew had reinvented the sweatshirt look, there are so many ways to wear this sweatshirt:

This plain looking sweatshirt has a little unexpected feature: little openings at the cuff for the thumbs to warm my hands in cold weather!


  1. It looks like it would be comfy to sit in for long periods of time-no wrinkles! But looks like you could wear it out on the town too. Very cute!