Saturday, March 1, 2014

Refashion: A Scarf into a Downton-inspired Dress

I thrifted this silk/rayon devore velvet (cut velvet) scarf last month for $3.99. I just love this type of velvet. It's wide enough so I thought it might make a nice tunic or dress for me. After watching a few episodes of the new season of Downton Abbey, I just wanted to make a 1920's dress!

With such a nice fluid fabric, I figured that I could just sew up the side seams, cut out a hole for the head and that would make a flowy tunic/dress. The fringes of the scarf would have been nice if they weren't all tangled together. I had to cut all the fringes off. I was going to do a narrow hem for the neckline but I'm just too lazy. In the end I just used the rolled hem function on my serger to finish the neckline.

 To style this dress, I already have a nice raspberry long slip in my closet (bought on clearance at Debenhams' 15 years ago for 7 quid!) which would go nicely with this tunic. And I also have self-made jet black semi-precious stone jewellery to adorn this dress. I made a black satin belt with remnant satin blanket edging and then added a thrifted brooch to the belt. So here is the Downton-inspired outfit:

 I showed the outfit to hubby and he said it didn't look too costume-like. So what do you think? Can I go out to dinner with this outfit or does it look like I'm going to a fancy dress party? Do you have any Television/Movie inspired outfits too?

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