Friday, January 24, 2014

Thoughts on the Little White Dress

As mentioned before, I have entered the Little White Dress Contest by Initially I thought I could just transfer my thoughts/ideas for the Most Versatile Black Dress to the LWD. However, after looking over the white fabrics in my stash that fits the contest criteria (not much) and the patterns in my stash, I think I need to revise my ideas.

For example, the LWD with my current fabric choices will not to able to fit the following criteria:
- all sesasons
- suitable for a funeral (well it's not black!!)
- suitable for running after 2 young kids (well, it's white and anything white is not suitable for childminding!)

So I have revised my requirements for this LWD:
- suitable for the office (e.g. no cleavage on show)
- suitable for semi-dressy and dressy occassions

I'll keep looking through my pattern stash and the web for ideas.......

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