Tuesday, January 21, 2014

I entered the Little White Dress Contest!

I know I know. Just earlier I was writing about making The Most Versatile Little Black Dress. Not long after I posted that, I found out there was a Little White Dress Contest on PatternReview.com! What a coincidence! I thought perhaps I could transfer some of my ideas about the LBD into the LWD.

The one worry I have is the fabrics. I have vowed to not buy any new fabrics until my current large stash reduces to half its size. I don't think I have a lot of white fabric in my stash that fits the rules for the contest:
"The color should be pure white or similar; e.g. white, bone, ecru, light beige, cream, champagne, eggshell, vanilla, ivory, etc. Gray, silver and tan ARE NOT allowed. A tone on tone design is ok but fabric with other colors / prints are not acceptable."
I just had a quick look and I think I only have 3 choices of fabrics that fit the above criteria. I haven't even looked at possible linings yet. I really don't want to buy new fabrics so I'll have to be creative with what I have I suppose.

As for the patterns, I have lots of patterns in my stash so I'm not too worried about it. I just need to look through them all, note down the yardage needed and see if I have enough fabrics (out of the 3 choices) to make it.

 I'm quite looking forward to this little challenge!

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