Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Relic Found! My homemade Wedding Dress muslin

I posted in Aug 2012 that I had made a wedding dress muslin in my first year of trying to teach myself to sew. Yes I was crazy and delusional! The wedding dress muslin didn't fit me properly (the chest was tight but the waist and hips were too big) but I was able to squeeze into it. I had zero skills in altering sewing patterns then and I just moved to southwestern UK with limited sewing resources. I decided then that perhaps I wasn't skilled enough to make my own wedding dress. I packed it up and didn't see it for a long time until this past holiday season, when I moved my sewing nook into a sewing room again. Yay!

After 2 kids and some 15 years I just can't fit into this dress anymore. And I should have ironed it before taking a picture but here it is:

It was made with some cheap slippery white satin that was a nightmare to sew. And the waist and hips were too big but I am just so happy to have found this relic!

Now that I have seen this poorly constructed wedding dress, it makes me want to sew a proper wedding dress that would fit me now. I have lots of evening dress sewing patterns and some stretch satin in my stash so it's do-able. I just need to reassure my hubby that I'm not asking for a 2nd wedding/vows renewal by making another wedding dress. It's just one of these milestones that some sewists like to achieve.

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