Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sewing room being downsized!

My sewing room is being downsized because we are moving my son to a new bigger room and use his current room for the new baby. Actually, I don't have my own sewing room anymore. I will have to share the same size room with hubby's computing equipment, desks, filing cabinets, book shelves, etc etc. I had to do some major clean up of my fabric stash.

It was actually a good exercise for me to see what I actually have, and what I don't need anymore. 1 garbage bag of fabric bits that are too small for anything, 1 bag of good size fabric pieces for donation (not sure where yet), and lots of small bits that I'm keeping to make clothing and accessories for my little boy. I even found bits left over from a fleece jacket that I made hubby 13 years ago! The same fleece bits are now 2 hats and 2 neck warmers for my son. Nothing wasted here! I'm trying to be as 'green' as possible by using every single bit of fabric possible.

I need to remember to take some pictures of the clothing that I made my son the last couple of months. I only remember to do it after he has gone to bed, and unfortunately, the clothing are in his room! I didn't feel like waking him up just to take some pictures of his clothes. Will try to do it on the weekend.

I saw this wonderfully organized sewing room on 'The cottage home' blog. I'm drooling! I wish I can have my own tranquil space like this to sew, do craft, make jewellery, etc. How on earth was she able to keep everything this tidy when she runs a business from this room?

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