Monday, September 6, 2010

EC weekend - Day 3

Today is EC weekend Day 3. Results:
- caught - 1.5 pee
- missed - 2 poos and a whole bunch of pees (too many to remember)
- diapers saved - 2

Today is even more discouraging than yesterday! My son went bare-bum all morning. He sat with me at the potty 30 min after his breakfast and peed. Then he peed on the floor and everywhere every 5 min after that. He seemed to know he had peed, because he would look down at the puddle, and point at it, and then step on it for fun. I kept telling him pees go into the potty but he didn't seem to care.

After lunch I was going to offer the potty to him about 15 min after the meal. But too bad he pooed 7 min after the meal! He sat on the potty about 30 min after the meal but no pee. Then he stood up and ran around the house, and peed everywhere. I told him pees/poos go into the potty but no reaction from him.

Then after dinner he went bare bum yet again. He sat on the potty with me for a good 20 min but nothing, just a few drops of pee. By then he got really tired of this potty and refused to sit in it again. He ran around the house, peeing all over the place, and getting really cranky. After almost 45 min since his dinner, my husband suggested that we put a diaper on him. He suspected that my son was holding in the poo until the diaper is on. Sure enough, as soon as we put a diaper on him, he pooed! After he pooed, he was happy and relieved. It's almost like he knew what he was doing, and he was holding his poo in, until the diaper was on! How discouraging is that?! It's understandable. He had been 'trained' to pee/poo in his diaper for the last 17 months of his life (his entire life). It's such a headache - how do I 'train' him to pee/poo into the potty instead of his diaper now?


  1. You are not alone there, it is quite common that toddlers don't want to let go of their nappies for poos. I had that with my son, too, he would only poo in his nappy, but in our case I think it was caused by a constipation scare (because he was pooing happily in the potty until he was about 1). I don't have the answer to this. The advice I read was to get him to poo in the bathroom first, then on the potty with the diaper on and gradually encourage him to take the diaper off. It didn't work for me, but it might for you, if he is holding it for different reasons. On the bright side, this shows that your son knows when he needs to poo and can control his bowel movements.

  2. Thanks Ellie. My son is a stubborn little man to start with, so I don't see him giving up the diaper any time soon. I think I'm going to hold off the potty for a little bit first. Then I may try your advice. Hopefully something will work with him!