Saturday, September 4, 2010

EC weekend - Day 1

We started our EC weekend today. Results:
- caught - 2 pees
- missed - 2 poos and 1 pee.

We were planning to have him go bare-bum all day long. However, we had to run some errands in the morning and in the afternoon, so he wore diapers for those 2 outings. Also, we put him in cotton training pants when he went to the backyard to play (I didn't want him to have gravel between his bum cheeks!).

My objective was to try to catch at least 1 poo today. He usually poos 3 times a day (after each meal). But today he didn't poo after lunch. He didn't give any indication at all just before his first poo after breakfast. It was about 15 min after he had finished his meal. He squatted to pick up a toy but didn't poo. Then he squatted again and within 0.5 seconds, he pooed on the floor! The potty was only 2 feet away! We showed him the poo, put it in the potty and then flushed it down the toilet. He wasn't really understanding what was going on.

I was also caught off guard for the 2nd poo. I was watching him carefully after dinner and had planned to put him on the potty at around 15 min after the meal, or whenever he looked like he was going to squat. He didn't squat, didn't have any indication at all, and pooed standing up at around 15 min after the meal (just before I was to put him on the potty). He was wearing a diaper, so the poo was in the diaper. I showed him the poo again and flushed it down the toilet.

His 2 caught pees were mere coincidences. I put him on the potty at random times to see if he would pee. I put toys in front of him and played with him. All of a sudden he peed! We clapped and showed him the pee, and flushed it down the toilet.

I think my son is warming up to the potty. He sees it more like a 'chair' than a 'potty'. And he doesn't mind sitting on it while playing with toys or reading books with us sitting in front of him. I have gained valuable insights into the timing of these eliminations. Hopefully they will be useful for tomorrow - EC weekend Day 2! May be I'll even catch a poo!

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