Tuesday, September 7, 2010

EC Day 4

Today is EC day 4. Results:
- caught - none
- missed - all
- diapers saved - 1

I sensed that the potty thing was stressing out all of us. So I just let him go bare-bum for 1 hour after breakfast. He ran around happily but didn't pee or poo. I tried to sit him down on the potty but he wouldn't. He pointed at the potty and said 'pee pee', even though there was no pee in it. But somehow he held in his poo and all his pee until we put the diaper on him. So this just tells me again that he has control of his pees/poos!

After lunch I wasn't planning to offer him the potty. But when he saw me in the bathroom, he decided to sit on the potty with his diaper and pants on. I thought may be he would be willing to try his potty again. So I quickly took off his pants and diaper - but NO! He wouldn't sit on it bare-bum. This is when I thought that may be we should not offer him the potty at all for a few days. He seems to know what it's for but just didn't want to use it. May be the novelty will come back by next weekend (hopefully??).

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