Sunday, September 10, 2017

MAGAM Project Plan: Magenta Wool Tweed jacket

The temperature here has dropped significantly. The morning temperatures are in the low teens Celsius. I guess Fall/Autumn is fast approaching!

Fall/Autumn is my favourite sewing season. I love sewing with tweeds, wools, sweater fabrics, etc. I love layering, sewing jackets, winter accessories (hats, scarves, etc). And most important of all, I have lots of tweeds and wool fabrics already in my fabric stash!

This amazing Magenta wool tweed remnant was found at the clearance table at my local fabric store. It is precisely 1 metre in length. It's really thick and cozy and I would love to make a jacket with it. However, I'm not sure 1 metre is enough to make a jacket. I need to look at my pattern stash and do some design changes to use this lovely but scarce material.

I have made a few jackets with the tried and true patterns in my stash. I'm wondering which one I should use for with this fabric:

So what do you think? Which tried and true pattern should I use for this wool magenta tweed jacket?


  1. What a lovely colour! I think either pattern would be nice, and look forward to seeing what changes you make to fit the material.

  2. Thanks Jenny! I want to make sure that this beautiful tweed is the highlight of the jacket. Time to see what other fabrics in my stash will enhance this tweed!

  3. I think either would work too. Both shapes look really nice on you!! Which style are you more drawn to? Or maybe which style would you wear more often, or have a need for in your wardrobe? I look forward to seeing what you choose!

    1. Thanks Vanessa! I actually went with another sewing pattern at the end! LOL!