Thursday, May 26, 2016

Me Made May 2016 - May 15 to May 26

It's been so busy that I hadn't had time to blog. And I have barely managed to take pictures of my outfits. The weather got warmer and warmer and yesterday it was 29 Celsius! Hot and humid weather already and it's not June yet!

May 15:
Me-Made denim jacket from a pair of old men's jeans
Refashioned red ponte dress from a RTW XL dress

May 16:
Refashioned XXL RTW sweatshirt
Me-Made cotton knit checker pants (McCall's 5273)

May 17:
Refashioned merino sweater dress to tunic
Me-Made black knit slim pants (McCall's 5273)

May 18:
Me-Made denim jacket from a pair of old men's jeans
Refashioned blouse from a 80's men's shirt

May 19:
Me-Made boucle cardigan jacket
Me-Made charcoal jeggings (McCall's 5273)

May 20:
Me-Made cotton tunic
Me-Made linen shorts

May 21:
Me-altered denim shirt
Me-altered white brocade slim pants

May 22:
Me-shrunken wool/silk blend cardigan
Me-Made fabric scraps scarf
Me-Made knit maxi dress

May 23:
Me-Made linen blend tank
Me-Made linen blend pants

May 24:
Me-altered thrifted cotton cardigan
Me-Made faux wrap knit dress

May 25:
Me-altered denim shirt
Me-Made cotton floral shorts

May 26:
Me-Made floral top
Me-Made linen blend pants

I have lots of floral sun dresses so I'm looking forward to wearing them the rest of the month!

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