Tuesday, July 7, 2015

More scrap busting - Girl Hat New Look 6579

My daughter has outgrown her summer hat. She asked me to make her a new one. She actually went through my fabric scraps box and chose these remnants for her hat. The pink metallic denim was used for her birthday dress (see here). It was the first time I had sewn in front of her. Usually I would have waited until she had gone to bed before I start sewing. However, she seemed to be interested in my sewing so I decided to show her the whole process.

First, I showed my daughter the pattern - a thrifted New Look 6579, which I had used the dress pieces to make the birthday dress for her (see here). I cut the fabric and sewed the entire hat while she watched intently. The hat went together very quickly (I didn't do the lining). The fit was fine except that it is a very 'shallow' hat. If I make it again I will need to add more 'depth' to the crown pieces. I added an elastic strap so that it doesn't come of her head too easily.

My daughter is very pleased with the hat and wore it through dinner until it was her bedtime. I'm happy she liked it! I like the mix of candy colours for the hat. Another quick and satisfying scrap busting project.


  1. She will love it - so much of her in it,from choosing the fabrics to being involved in the making of it - soon she will want to learn to sew :)

    1. Thanks Sarah Liz! She wore it today to her summer camp activities. I just hope she won't misplace it! I definitely want to teach her sewing - perhaps in a few months.