Sunday, July 12, 2015

MAGAM July Romper done!

I followed the Threads Magazine instructions to draft the romper based on my tried and true shorts pattern - Butterick 5044. It came together really quickly. However, due to my short stature and short waist, the upper body length was too long. I also realized that I don't look good in garments that have a droopy elastic waist - it makes me look wider and more shapeless. So I cut off a good 4.5 inches off the top length and use a belt to gather the waist. I'm not sure if I like this strapless romper on me:

The front 'seemed' to be okay except that I think I gathered the top elastic too much (the chest bulging under the elastic). The back just made my broad back look even wider! This muslin is okay to wear in the house but I don't think I'll wear it outside.

Perhaps with a more drapey fabric (e.g. ponte knit) and a darker colour, this romper would be less offensive to my eyes. I'm not sure if I want to waste my fabric stash on this romper though. What do you think? Should I give it another go with a darker, drapier fabric?


  1. I think this is cute, but probably more for the house. I think your figure type is heart shape which is why the broad back that is a little curvier. You have put an strong V in the front of your garment with the buckle of your belt, drawing a line through your torso. Your back also needs this sort of feature - maybe straps that go in V shape if you are wearing a playsuit. I hope I am not causing offence here, we are all touchy about our shapes :) . But on the other hand you have asked for suggestions. I don't think a drapier fabric is going to alter the strong horizontal line across your back, so perhaps don't waste a good fabric. Enjoy this for what it is - sometimes trends are fun to try, but then we find not all styles suit us. That's how we learn too.

    1. Thanks for your detailed and thoughtful response! I'm not offended at all! ;-) I wasn't sure about this style for my body (or any jumpsuit/romper for practicality sake) to begin with - and that was why I used a remnant thrifted fabric. I think I'll always have the broad back issue with any strapless or halter style garment. I will just stick to garments with straps. There are many more stash patterns with straps that I haven't sewn yet!

    2. I'm looking forward to seeing these one day :)