Sunday, May 24, 2015

Me Made May outfits - May 17 to 24 and a mini rant

Another week of Me Made May fashion! This past week had been hot and cold. It dropped down to almost freezing point for a few nights and then climbed up to the mid 20Celsius by noon. It makes it difficult to plan outfits.

May 17:
Me Made cotton voile dress (New Look 6615)
Me Made red coral and tiger eye necklace

May 18:
Me Refashioned thrifted yellow cotton eyelet top (from a skirt)
Me Refashioned RTW jeans
Me Made turquoise semi-precious stone necklace

May 19:
Me Refashioned thrifted silk dress
Me Made wood beads and semi-precious stone necklace

May 20:
Me Refashioned black crewneck top (from a turtleneck)
Me Made charcoal skinny jeans with my tried and true McCall's 5273
Thrifted pearlized leather jacket

May 21:
Me Refashioned thrifted grey short sleeves merino sweater
Me Made beige houndstooth A-line skirt
Me Made stash fabric remnant pink polka dot scarf

May 22:
Me Made blue wool mix boucle kimono style jacket
Me Made jeggings

May 23:
Me Made pink sweatshirt fleece jacket
Me Made black polartec windbloc pants - McCall's 5273 again!

May 24:
Me Refashioned RTW sweatshirt
Me Made black polartec windbloc pants- McCall's 5273 again!
Me Made stash fabric remnant scarf

The is only another week of Me Made May outfits coming up. What I have learned is that I have too much clothes! I had some repeat garments but no repeat outfits. This is obscene! i feel bad that I have so much clothes that I don't have to repeat an outfit for an entire month! And yet I am continuing to add to my wardrobe with my monthly creations. I could donate some clothes but I just have a really hard time parting with items that I had made and enjoyed wearing. It would be great to give some of this clothing to someone I know but unfortunately no one I know has my odd measurements. What should one do?


  1. Hi Love Nicky - those temperature swings are hard to deal with, I agree. When I live in Alice Springs we had those swings, but in the middle of winter, not late spring!! .

    I love all these garments - I think you should just enjoy them. Sewing is a great hobby, it's constructive and really doesn't cost as much as some other hobbies. Eventually things will wear out and then you won't have so much trouble parting with them. And, like with recent shorts, sometimes you will have a need.

    1. Thanks Sarah Liz! I guess since I can't making new garments and accessories, I have to live with that bit of guilt of hoarding too much stuff! ;-)