Thursday, December 11, 2014

Quick Snowman Costume - Butterick 3267

I just found out that for my preschooler's school X'mas concert, she is supposed to be a snowman. The teachers had sent me a note asking me to dress her in white. Unfortunately I purposely made sure that she doesn't have any white clothing because she is very messy eater. So instead of rushing out to the stores to look for something in white for her, I went to my fabric and pattern stash in my house and pulled out this thrifted pattern and this white fleece fabric remnant:

I have used this pattern before (see here) so I knew it would be a quick and easy project. And I did it all in less than 2 hours! I omitted the facings but used the stretchy white fleece as bindings for the neckline and armholes. For the buttons, I used some grey felted wool scraps from my scrap box. Here is how it looks:

I hope that works well enough and she will look like the snowman on stage. I'm also happy that I have busted some of of my remnant/scrap stash too!


  1. That's so cute - it shoudl do the job nicely. I had a big laugh at your disclosure that your DD is a messy eater (some of us don't grow out of it, especially when we wear white!). Still, fleece is a good wash and wear fabric for when she wants to play snowman at home.

  2. Thanks Sarah Liz! My DD is 3.5 years old so I'm hoping that she will outgrow that messy eating habit as an adult! LOL!