Sunday, October 20, 2013

Refashion: Toddler Boy's pants to Toddler Girl's pants

I made these forest green sweat pants for my son a few years ago. He grew out of it and the pants were passed onto my daughter. Now they have become too short for my daughter. So I rummaged through my fabric scraps box and created a pair of longer, more girlish looking sweat pants for her.

First, I used my trusty seam ripper to ripped out the stitches at the bottom of the pant leg. I found some hot pink ribbed knit scraps in my stash.

I cut 2 rectangular pieces of ribbed knit and sewed them together into 2 tubes. Then I folded the tubes into halves and attached it to the bottom of the pant legs:

I sewed them on and then realized that the former stitch line of the hem was still very visible. I would have liked to attach some cute pink ribbon or rickrack to cover that stitch line. However, I didn't have any in my stash. So I just used a hot pink thread and sewed a tight satin stitch to cover that line as decoration.

I noticed that the ribbed knit tubes were a bit long on the pants so I just folded them up. Voila! Another pair of pants for my toddler daughter for this Fall/Winter!

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