Thursday, October 24, 2013

I met another sewist in my neighbourhood!! Hurah!

I had been complaining about not being able to meet anyone who sews in my neighbourhood for a while. And now I have met one! I met her at my local thrift store where I was buying some vintage patterns for my toddler. She was lining up behind me at the cash register. She saw my patterns and asked if I wanted her used ones. She is a vibrant grandma who sews for her kids and her granddaughter. Of course I said yes please! We met up later and she gave me a bunch of toddler patterns and we chatted. She seems just as happy to meet up with someone who sews too! I hope I can keep this sewing friendship going and she doesn't find me too annoying! LOL!

Now if I can find more sewing buddies in my generation in my neighbourhood.....


  1. I must live in your 'sister-neighbourhood!' There are not many sewers around my part either, my age, older or younger that I can hunt out. Plenty of crafters and quilters, but we are short on actual garment sewers ... J

    1. Thanks for you comment Judith! I also met lots of quilting grandmothers, just not garment sewists. I have no idea why! Whenever I tell someone my generation that I sew, they always ask me why I don't just buy clothes from the mall! That just makes me laugh every time.