Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Yummy Persian grilled chicken recipe....and a Persian recipe website

I have always loved Persian food - ever since my good friend brought me to her mom's house for an authentic Persian feast almost 20 years ago. I've been trying to find a good Persian restaurant in town and I was also googling for easy Persian recipes. I think I've found the blog for me: Tumeric and Saffron by Azita. I have only made 1 of her recipes so far and wow! I was running out of ideas what to make each week with chicken for my family and I found her recipes. I had a quick look at what I had in my fridge and decided to make her Persian grilled saffron chicken (Joojeh Kabab) recipe. It was soooooooooo delicious! Since then it has been in regular rotation in our family meals. Her food pictures are also really gorgeous which makes it even more enticing to try her other recipes!

If you like Persian food or just want to look for new recipes for your chicken, go visit her blog and have a look!

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