Friday, April 12, 2013

I signed up for Me-Made May'13!!! Panic starts here!!!

That's right! I have signed up for 'So, Zo...'s Me-Made May'13 challenge!! Panic now! I have even set a higher challenge for myself this time around that I will wear at least 2 self-made/self-refashioned garments each day!!  Arghhhhhhhh!!!!

But seriously, I really enjoyed it last time around and I hope to be more organized this time and remember to take pictures of the outfits in the mornings before the kids wreck them. My daughter likes to smear food on my hair/clothes all the time. If I don't take the picture first thing in the morning then I will have no chance for a good picture of the outfit.

I'm also panicking because in my part of the world, I honestly have no idea what type of weather we will be having. Last week it was raining and above 0 Celsius. But the last 2 days it was freezing and snowing! I remember a few years back it was still snowing until the middle of May but then a day later it was in the mid-teens and we were in t-shirts and shorts. I guess I need to make some sure I have some layering pieces for different outfits. I think I'll have to add some lightweight jackets/cardis to my Spring/Summer wardrobe this year. I'd better look through my fabric stash and pattern stash right now!


  1. Wow, it's a challenge!
    Good luck :)
    PS: I hope you liked my Lovely Panties tutorial, if you sew some, plz send me pics!

    1. Thanks Mamma Nene~! I'll definitely go check out your blog for tutorials!

  2. Great Blog! I've nominated you for an Liebster award.
    See your nomination on my blog.