Thursday, August 30, 2012

Grey cashmere sweater dress refashion

This is a super simple refashion! I thrifted this very long grey cashmere cable knit sweater dress for a few dollars a couple of years ago. The dress was in perfect condition. It was way too long for my short frame and the neckline was unflattering for my stumpy neck.

First a quick cut and hem at the knee. Then use the cut off material to make a circle and attach it to the neckline. Voila! A much better sweater dress for me. The cashmere is soft and warm and I can flip up the folded cowl neck for the bitter Canadian winter. I can't wait to wear it this Fall/Winter season! Let's just hope that my 2 active kids don't ruin a nice cashmere dress on the first outing.....:-)


  1. This is really cute, well done! Very flattering. Great idea to use the off cuts as a cowl!

  2. Thanks Charity Shop Chic! I like projects that don't have any wastage and I like cowl necks too!

  3. that looks really great! you've really made the dress so much better! :) lisa

    1. Thanks cucicucicoo! I love refashioning sweater dresses. I am looking forward to wearing them!