Monday, August 27, 2012

ECing a 16 month old girl

The ECing has been on and off the last few months. Some days she would tell me in no uncertain terms that she needed to poop. Other days, she would just poop while standing up! It's worse when her brother is home because she loves following her brother around and is so distracted by him. I try to remember to keep an eye on her for about 20 min after each meal to see if she looks strained (trying to push the poop out). I also try to remember to put her on the potty right after we come home from an outing. If she had been eating/drinking a little, she would actually wait till she gets home to poop. She doesn't like sitting in her poop in the carseat.

School is starting soon so I hope that I will be able to keep her in underwear more often while her brother is at school. Hopefully that will put us back on track for the ECing. I really hope that I will get her fully trained while she is awake before next April, her 2nd birthday!


  1. Hi Nicky, I just wanted to pop over and let you know that I am passing a Versatile Blogger Award onto you. If you would like to accept it (and there is no pressure), come on over to my blog and grab it. I chose your cute blog because you are not only blogging, but balancing everything else at the same time! That's hard, man! Congrats! Oh, and my deepest apologies for spelling your name with an "e" on my blog. I promise my readers will still be able to find you!

    1. Thanks so much Michele! I'll have to look at the many blogs that I follow to see who to pass on the award to. That might take a while since I have 2 active young kids keeping me busy! Nonetheless, thanks very much!