Monday, September 5, 2011

Self-stitched Sept'11 Challenge - Sept 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

As mentioned before I have signed up for 'So, Zo's Self-stitched Sept'11 Challenge'. I aim to wear at least 1 self-stitched or refashioned piece of clothing each day during the month of Sept.

Sept 1 (sorry the picture is blurry):I'm wearing a self-stitched top (New Look 6357) and microfibre cargo pants I bought 12 years ago in the UK.

Sept 2:I'm wearing a self-stitched faux wrap top (New Look 6729) and self-stitched ankle length pants (Vogue 8041).

Sept 3:I'm wearing a repurposed chocolate box elastic as a hair elastic.

Sept 4:I'm wearing a Montreal Jazz Festival t-shirt from 18 years ago and self-stitched ankle length pants (Vogue 8041).

Sept 5:I'm wearing a thrifted cotton cashmere top and self-stitched pants (vogue 8157).

I actually look forward to cooler days as I have more self-stitched and self-refashioned clothes that are for cooler weather.


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog!
    I bought Kwik Sew 3779 and 3238. Funny thing--my MIL just gave me a couple Canadian Livings from the spring and one had a swimsuit article and there were a couple suits just like the 3779 (not the strapless one) shown as a way to hide a tummy! I thought 3238 might also be good for making a leisure bra with regular knits.
    But first, I've got three other projects in the works!
    I love the pants you've sewn!

  2. Thanks TracyKM! I just keep using the same 2 pants patterns once I have tweaked them to my satisfaction. That was pre-kids. After 2 kids, I have to tweak them again for the new body!

    Looking forward to seeing other sewing projects on your blog!