Monday, August 15, 2011

Vogue 7933 waistband converted

I have converted the Vogue 7933 waistband to a pull-on style, comfort waistband (see previous post). Yay! It's not perfect but it's now much more wearable than before. There is still a little gaping at the back but tolerable. It's probably because I have a flat seat and I'm short-waisted. I will have to re-draft the waistband piece of this pattern later for a better fit.

I was rushing to finish this after the kids had gone to bed and forgot to take pictures along the way. After removing the original waistband and sewing the original zipper fly shut, these are the steps:

1. Find the original fabric for this pair of pants. Cut out the contour waistband on the stretchy grain of the fabric, using the Vogue 7933 pattern as a guide, but omit the overlapping tab part so that the waistband will form circle.

2. I sewed the waistband into a circle, and did the same with the facing. Then I sewed the top of the waistband and the facing together.

3. I cut a piece of 1 inch non-roll elastic which is about 1.5 inch shorter than the circumference of the waistband. I zig-zagged it into the top seam allowance of the waistband facing piece. I tried with a 1/4 inch elastic but I like the 1 inch elastic better because makes the waistband more sturdy. I stretch the elastic slightly when I sewed it to the fabric. I stretched it a lot when sewing it to the back where it originally gaped horribly.

4. I sewed the waistband to the pants and top-stitched it with contracting threads.


I rarely tuck my tops into my pants these days. So this is how I am wearing it. The waistband gently holds back my mommy tummy a bit which is nice.

I'm quite happy with this conversion. These pants are wearable now! I am going to look at the other pants I made and see if I still have the original fabric to do this conversion again. Thanks Myrna for your post!


  1. Those turned out really well. Glad I could help. The elastic is called see-thru or clear elastic and it's super stretchy. Most fabric stores carry it or Pam Erny has a quality one at Fashion Sewing Supply along with her much loved interfacings. Here's the link...

    - Myrna

  2. Thanks again Myrna! Perhaps I'll try using the clear elastic next time I do a waistband conversion. Now I just need to find some time to go to a fabric store..... :-)

  3. Thanks for this post! I was going to add a ribbed/knit band to some pants that were a little too low waisted for my mommy-belly, but this is another great option.
    I used to live a couple blocks from a Reitman's but I never had those pants. I'll have to go for a drive to my closest one now that the kids will all be in school full time finally!

  4. Thanks for your comments TracyKM! I did go to a Reitman's to see their comfort pants up close. But Myrna had actually taken her Reitman's pants apart to show us what's inside the waistband. It was very useful for me when I was converting my own pants.

    Good luck with your conversion. Let me know how yours turn out!

  5. Hi Lovenicky, thanks so much for this post -- I was searching the internet for some directions since I want to do the same for some pants that I am making. Just wondering if you interfaced the inner waist band or the outer waist band at all or just used the fabric without any interfacing and just add the elastic around the top?


    1. Hi RM! Thanks for your comment. No I didn't interface the waistband at all because I want it to be stretchy. I actually cut the waistband on the stretchy grain to maximize the stretch. The stretch denim is of a good medium weight and since I used a 1" elastic, the whole waistband is quite sturdy so no interfacing is required. Hope this helps! Let me know how your pants alteration goes!