Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Knit skirt to dress refashion

I found this linen/cotton knit skirt at a thrift store. I didn't know that you could make knit out of linen! I liked the colour and the stripes. The skirt is too long for me so I thought I could make a dress out of it.Steps:

1. Rip out the side seams a few inches down from the top. It's better to rip more than less because you can always resew the seams back. Take out the waist elastic. Also, rip out the stitching on the waistband a couple of inches from the side seams towards the middle part of the skirt.

2. Try the skirt on as a dress. Mark where the side seams to close (the arm hole).

3. I hand-sewn the seams up to where my arm hole was to be (hand sewing because the sides seams were slightly damaged). Then I turn the seam allowance under all the way up the folded-over waistband.

4. I had some double fold denim bias tape in my stash. I fold them and sew it together to make a long denim tie for the neckline.

5. Push the denim tie through the waist band using a safety pin.
6. Try on the dress again and adjust where the you want to knot the tie.

7. The dress is loose fitting so you can put a belt on or just leave it loose and airy!
Another easy peasy refashioning! One note of caution: if the knit is not stretchy enough then you may need to actually cut out the armhole curves of the dress instead.

I am nursing my baby right now so I'm leaving the dress quite loose as is. Once I finished nursing I'll need to adjust the whole dress and put some shape into it.

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