Sunday, June 26, 2011

One EC benefit - no more diaper rash!

I continue to EC my 2 month old baby during the day after each feed. I notice that she doesn't poo at night anymore when I don't EC her. Her diapers at night only has some pee in it. I help her to go to the toilet at night before 11pm, and then she doesn't poo again until I help her with it in the morning. This means that she is not lying in her poo at night. I just realized yesterday that she hasn't had a diaper rash for at least 1.5 weeks now, possibly because she doesn't poo in her diaper anymore. Very interesting development!

I still don't have a clue on when she pees. I'm still only helping her to the toilet after each feed, or when she is really really fussy. I could check her diaper every half hour during the day, but she really hates when I fuss with her diaper. She is really annoyed when I have to change her too.

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