Monday, June 20, 2011

ECing a 1.5 month old baby

I'm continuing to EC (daytime only) my 1.5 month old daughter. I would nurse her and then put her over the toilet and cue her. Most of the time she would pee/poo or both. Sometimes she doesn't but she would grunt and let out a wet fart. I think she is starting to understand my cues. I'm not quite sure of her timing for the pees/poos for the rest of the day. Sometimes I would take her to the toilet when it's between feeds and she is squirming but nothing comes out.

She is in diapers at night because I don't want to wake her. She does poo a lot during night time as well. I have looked up some websites that talk about nighttime ECing and it just doesn't seem to work for my daughter at this point. She wakes easily and it takes a while to get her to fall asleep again. Even a gentle quick diaper change wakes her up. Perhaps she will be a more sound sleeper when she is older.

So far I'm happy with the progress. She understands my cue and I'm saving a small amount of diapers. Plus she is not always lying in a dirty diaper (except at night). I'm not being too stressed about this ECing either. If I was determined to do it full time including nighttime I think I would be really stressed out. Let see where this EC journey takes us!

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