Saturday, March 5, 2011

Fabric shoes for Baby and Moi - Simplicity 2278

I wanted to make some fabric indoor shoes for my bloated pregnant feet for right now, at the hospital and after birth. I have some remnant home decor fabric so I decided to make a muslin using Simplicity 2278.

I made some modifications to the pattern:
1. I didn't use Jiffy Grip as suggested by the pattern. Instead I used some remnant carpet underlay from my stash.
2. I didn't used fusible fleece for the sole. Instead I used some remnant cotton quilt batting from my stash. I just serged the batting with the sole fabric together.
3. I didn't make the fabric straps across the feet with hook and eye tape. Instead I used a piece of black elastic across the foot.

I made a size Small which fits my foot. I'm pretty pleased with this wearable muslin. Please excuse the look of the shoes and my feet in this photo because I had actually been wearing them for a few hours and my feet are really bloated. I think I may try making the Medium with a fleece fabric so that I can wear socks with them.

I enjoyed making them and I'm glad I have something to wear for indoors now.
I also made the baby shoes from the same pattern. I used Medium just in case my new baby has big feet! (My son has big feet so I will not be surprised if the 2nd baby has big feet too!)

Originally I used a much thicker denim and realized that it was way too thick and I couldn't sew it properly. So I used some lightweight denim and flannel for the 2nd try and they turned out okay! Very easy and fast to make. I think I will make them again in a cute fleece fabric.I just made another pair of baby shoes with this Red Chinese Brocade that I had for years! I couldn't bear cutting into this brocade for a long time in case I messed up but these baby shoes took so little fabric. I love them! If my baby is a girl then it would be really perfect.

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