Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Girl's Ball skirt - Simiplicity 9457

While I'm cleaning out my sewing room, my daughter 7, saw the pattern for Simplicity 9457:

She wants me to make that silver ball skirt with 2 black trims. I don't think I have that fabric in my enormous stash. Perhaps I'll just show her my fabric 'store' and ask her to choose a fabric that has enough yardage and a suitable hand. It look easy enough for the top layer, except that I don't have the crinoline underneath to prop up the skirt. Hmm? I really don't want to buy new fabric for this. I will need to figure out what I can McGuyver out of this!


  1. No wonder your daughter wants that skirt! I would, too. Maybe it would stand out enough on its own if the material was "crispy" enough. Have fun going through the stash!

    1. Thanks Jenny! In my quick fabric search I found that I still have a little bit of star stamped organza leftover when I made her Elsa dress a few years ago. Organza is stiffer than tulle so I'll see what I can do!