Saturday, March 4, 2017

Wardrobe Sudoku Garments - RTW prices

Since I haven't shopped RTW garments/accessories for a long time, and I used all stash fabrics/notions/patterns to make all the Wardrobe Sudoku Contest garments, I thought it might be a fun idea to find out approximately how much I would have to pay for all the garments/accessories that I have made for this contest.

I went online to do a quick check on the sale prices of garments that have a similar look and made with a similar fabric. I concentrated on the items that are on sale because I probably wouldn't have paid full price for those items if I was shopping at the stores. I didn't factor in the 2 pre-sewn garments for this exercise.

1. Red/Green polyester chiffon blouse - approx. $30
2. Red stretch cotton woven slim pants - approx. $40
3. Grey stretch woven slim pants - approx. $50
4. White striped tunic shirt - approx. $45
5. Red floral cotton tunic - approx. $45
6. Large Denim patchwork tote bag - approx. $30
7. Medium Denim patchwork tote bag - approx.$25
8. Large Wool paisley wrap - approx. $55
9. Long green chiffon scarf - approx. $15
10. Grey knit cardigan jacket - approx. $50

So all the items I sewed in the last few weeks with existing materials would have cost me approximately $385 if they were all on sale. That's 2 week's worth of groceries for my entire family! I am just happy that I can make my own garments and accessories. But at the same time, I'm quite embarrassed how large my fabric/notion stash really is!


  1. Not only have your saved a lot (stash notwithstanding) everything goes together, and it's doubtful you would achieve that by shopping, if Canada is anything like Australia. A lovely wardrobe.

    1. Thanks Sarah Liz! I think you are right. One of the reasons that I haven't bought anything RTW is because I didn't like anything I saw in the stores (not to mention that they never fit my body). It will probably take me a very long time to search for these specific items on sale that actually would go together.

  2. Sarah Liz is right. So maybe you would need to triple or quadruple your total! I have such trouble finding clothing to fit me in ready-to-wear also. You are smart to be sewing your wardrobe.

    1. Thanks Jenny! I suppose if I had to pay a seamstress to tailor all the RTW garments I have bought, it would have easily double the price I paid even if the garments were on sale.