Saturday, October 22, 2016

MAGAM October Plan - Another Butterick 5146 Knit dress

While working on the x'mas presents for other people, I had this urge to make something for myself - yes I'm a selfish seamstress too! the MAGAM (Make A garment A Month) October theme is 'One'. The way I interpret this is a 'One pattern Many Looks'. I looked at my tried and true dress patterns and chose Butterick 5146 again - the same pattern that I used for the September MAGAM dress.

I dug through my huge fabric stash and found this brown/green plaid knit that I have had for 10 years. It's time to use it! It's not the most attractive fabric but it's perfect for Autumn/Winter garments. I thought I could somehow brighten up the drab colour a bit with my huge stash of notions.

I looked through Pinterest and found a few plaid dresses as inspirations:

Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest
Source: Pinterest

The dresses are very simple but I simple dresses are usually more versatile for different occasions which is what I want with the garments I make. The only thing that is slightly challenging is probably having to match up the plaid pattern. Hopefully the dress will sew up easily and quickly!


  1. I love the material you're using - I tend to wear those more muted colours as I am pale/fair. But you would be able to wear a strong coloured accessory, for sure. Long, long ago in high school I made a skirt and jacket with plaid. It went together fine - and yours will too :)

    1. Thanks Jenny! I am planning to put some brighter trim on the dress to make it look a little more interesting. Plaid is always good for Fall/Winter garments.