Saturday, July 9, 2016

MAGAM July Refashion: Chiffon Scarf to Date night dress + 2 scarves

My July MAGAM project is done! I have transformed my thrifted $3.99 chiffon scarf into a dress! This was a big chiffon scarf with a giraffe print on it:

I was pondering whether to make it 'practical' or 'whimsical'. In the end I decided to make it practical so that I can wear it  for a variety of occasions and weather.

I used my tried and true thrifted pattern McCall's 8048 from the 1970's. It's a pullover, slightly a-line dress. I made a white table cloth lace dress with this pattern previously.

I serged the sleeves and neckline edges with roll-hem and used the original edge of the scarf as the hem. It came together really quickly (I like that!). It's a bit loose and breezy on me. I thought it would be perfect for a hot summer night. Perhaps even a date night?

I have styled this with a thrifted necklace, a thrifted bracelet and a thrifted patent leather heels.
And here is why I would style this for Autumn:

I have styled this with a thrifted leather jacket, thrifted leather boots and a self-knitted cowl from thrifted yarn

I can't wait to wear this out this summer! Plus I have made 2 identical scarves with the remnants of this project:

I plan to wear one and give the other to someone as a gift. I'm pretty happy with what I have done with this 1 big thrifted scarf!


  1. That's clever! It's cool how the 70s dress is now a style seen in modern clothing. This looks extra wearable with the monochrome and I am interested in sewing a chiffon style dress.

    1. Thanks Renata Laura! I think these pullover a-line dresses have probably never gone away. It's perfect for hot summers since it's loose and breezy.

  2. Great job with this chiffon scarf turned dress! Looks great on you!

    1. Thanks Linda! It's another easy and quick pullover dress. I'm looking forward to wearing it!