Saturday, February 6, 2016

Sewing Pattern Destash Sale!

For too many years, I have too much fabric, too many unopened patterns. Although I have stopped buying new patterns for a while, I still have way too many of them! And my hubby has finally given me an ultimatum: Clean out the sewing area so it's not a hazard for adults and children! I have bags and bins of fabric lying on the floor, boxes and bags of unopened sewing patterns everywhere. It's time to clean it all up.

I just have too many patterns and I need to admit to myself that I will never have enough time to sew all these fabulous patterns that I have accumulated. I should let other sewists enjoy them! I started by going through my Vogue patterns - the unopened, factory folded ones. I have put them on the Sewing Pattern Destash Facebook page and my own Facebook page. Check here if you are interested. Next I'm going through the other brand's unopened, factory folded patterns - Simplicity, McCall's, Butterick, Burda, Kwik Sew, etc. I will be adding more unopened, factory folded patterns on my Facebook page every week. So do check it out from time to time if you are interested in getting some cheap unopened patterns! ;-)

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