Saturday, March 21, 2015

Refashion Blitz - A Recap of 4 items in a week

Here is a Recap of the 4 refashions in a week challenge (except it took me 8 days ;-):

Item 1 - Thrifted white yellow tablecloth lace to tunic dress:

 Item 2 - Unused Long Red Scarf to Practical Infinity Scarf:

Item 3 - Thrifted pale yellow tablecloth lace to gathered calf length skirt:

Item 4 - Re-refashion of the pale yellow tablecloth lace to a less bulky lace skirt:

I had fun doing it and it really helped get me back into my sewing/refashioning mojo. Thanks Shawn from 'Some Assembly Required'!


  1. A great week - I'm glad you've got yoru mojo back. And some nice outfits to kickstart spring - I just love the yellow/cream skirt.

    1. Thanks Sarah Liz! It's still too cold for me to wear it outside right now (-15C) but hopefully in a few weeks time!