Saturday, September 13, 2014

My One Week One Pattern Pictures!

The One Week One Pattern 2014 challenge was fun! Thanks to Handmade Jane for organizing this. The weather in the past week had been variable (coolish to coldish) and my 3 linen blend bottoms were stretched to the limit in terms of the colder days. My 3 bottoms were all made with Butterick 5044 - 2 pairs of linen blend shorts and 1 pair of linen blend trousers:

And here the pictures of how I wore them during the OWOP week:

With Self stitched Black Linen Blend Jacket (McCall's 4928) 
and Self-made Silver pendant necklace

Self-Refashioned black silk tank top, 
and Self-made beaded necklace

Day 3:
With a thrifted embellished cotton voile tunic

Day 4:
With a refashioned thrifted cardigan

Day 5:
It's a lot colder today. I wore the linen trousers with 
a thrifted knit top 

Day 6:
It was pretty cold today and I was crazy enough to wear shorts! 
I wore these shorts with a thrifted knit top 
and a menswear vest that I have had since 1995!

Day 7:
It was 9 Celsius when I woke up. No more shorts!
I'm wearing these linen blend trousers with
a thrifted knit top,
and a thrifted belt.

I had really enjoyed this challenge! It challenged me to think more about the different combinations I can wear with my self-stitched clothes. I think I challenge myself to do something like this every month! Thanks again to Handmade Jane!!


  1. What a lovely selection of different looks - just as well the weather was variable, as you could really show off this pattern nicely.

    1. Thanks Sarah Liz! I had really enjoyed this challenge and will continue this type of challenge with my other self stitched clothes. I highly recommend you join this challenge next time.